zayka star club dubai

Well, today, we’re not going souk hopping, desert safari, or camel chasing. Though Dubai is the center of attraction, people from across the globe visit Dubai to have the most adventurous holidays. From night skydiving to yacht parties, there are plenty of things to do in Dubai. But today, let’s visit one of the best night lounges in Dubai Zayka Star!

Imagine a space with glistening mosaics and velvet walls. Zayka Star offers the best nightlife in Dubai that promises a blend of house beats and pulsing bass lines filling the air, from cozy booths where people are clinking glasses to air filled with laughter and smoke from fragrant shisha pipes. 

Now, you must not ignore the entrance and dressing rules of the club. As you know, clubs and lounges are usually full within a very short period. Hence, it is advisable to book a table in advance so that you do not have to wait in line for a very long time or return home broken-hearted. Also, if you are not well-dressed (modest yet chic), you might not be allowed entry into the club. This is because these lounges in Dubai ensure and adhere to a stringent dress code. 

You can check their website, call them to book a table, and also find out about the dress code they adhere to. 

So, are you prepared to let go of your inhibitions and dancehall night? At Zayka Star, a shimmery night awaits you with electrifying yet mesmerizing adventures in town. Now, bring a passion for something beyond the ordinary, your biggest dreams, and your dancing shoes. 

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